Friday, November 19, 2010

Off-peak car licence system inadequate

Nov 20, 2010

I WOULD like to share my experience with the electronic day (e-Day) licence for off-peak cars (OPC).

As an OPC user, I have consistently purchased e-Day licences before midnight as required by the authorities.

I received a notice of offence for driving my car during restricted hours more than three months after the alleged offence. I checked online for my historical e-Day licence purchases but the system provided only one month's worth of historical data.

I have written an appeal for leniency and forwarded some questions about the system to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) but have not received any response for more than a month, despite repeated reminders. I have since paid the fine to avoid any further ordeal.

My experience has led me to question the efficiency of LTA in handling feedback from the public, as well as the efficacy of the e-Day licence system and its adequacy in providing information to the public to verify e-Day licence purchases.

Sim Lai Yong

[A refreshingly simple, concise, non-whining, reasonable letter about data availability and system processes.]

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