Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dos and don'ts when flagging cabs

Dec 23, 2010

I REFER to Mr Muhamad Noh Sapari's letter about errant cabbies ('Waiting in the rain as cabs whizz past'; Dec 7).

I have been a cabby for 10 years, and have had many experiences with passengers flagging down a cab at traffic lights, along bus lanes during operational hours or at times when stopping abruptly would cause serious accidents.

While it is not excusable not to stop, passengers and other road users' safety must come first, service second and fare third.

So let's be fair to all. If people want a safe ride home, flag down a cab at the correct spot, do it in advance, place your arms high and out, stay out of the bus lanes, keep a distance from big obstructing vehicles such as lorries and trucks and, more importantly, be patient.

Tan Ah Chuan

[Thank you Mr Tan. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have seen passengers flag cabs at the last minute and I have seen brainless drivers screech to a halt with no notice just to pick up these passengers, causing accidents or near accidents. It is not unthinkable for the passengers to then abandon the cab for the next cab leaving the driver to deal with the accident. Of course the driver is at fault, but the passengers bear part of the blame too.

Finding a safe place to hail a cab is also important. I have seen passengers try to stop a cab in the middle of a junction! ]

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