Monday, March 28, 2011

To understand suffering, be prepared to persist

Mar 29, 2011

JOURNALIST Yen Feng asserted that "humans can never really come to grips with the why of suffering. We will never understand" ("Acts of God: It's how we react"; Saturday).

The nature and extent of the writer's desperation may sound familiar to many who have faced similar personal tragedies. An individual's own conclusion about not being able to find an answer is all right and understandable.

However, extending his helplessness to the whole of humanity is not.

How can we be certain of making a pronouncement about the whole of humanity? Can it be said with conviction that none has ever come to grips with the why of suffering? Not even sages, saints and gods?

Can it also be said that none will ever understand the why of suffering? The why and the wherefore of suffering are not difficult to understand, provided one is prepared to persist.

As is often said, the "guru" or teacher will appear if the seeker is earnest in his inquiry.

Pawan Kumar Modi

[Such simplistic arrogance. Only the truly naive who have never suffered can be so arrogant.]

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