Monday, June 18, 2012

The S'pore I don't want to see in 2032

From James Poh Ching Ping

Jun 18, 2012

I refer to Dr Jason Kho's I Say piece "The S'pore I want to see in 2032" (June 11), about the Singapore he still wants to call home in 20 years' time. In contrast, I wish to express what I do not want to see in 2032.

I do not want, the minute I leave my home, to have to pay to use the roads or the expressways.

[So you want free petrol, issit? In any case, don't, worry, in future ERP will be very friendly, you won't be charged the minute you leave your home. You will be charged before you leave.]

I do not want to see more independent secondary schools which further divide the rich and the poor, as it is obvious that their academic and enrichment programmes are costlier than those of other schools.

As a parent, I do not want children to be able to telephone the authorities to report that their father is spanking them, as is the case in some countries. In Asian society, it is a norm to discipline an ill-behaved child so long as it is not abuse.

[So you still want to have naughty children to spank?]

I do not want the Government to liberalise same-sex marriages, as it would go against the policy of encouraging a higher birth rate to maintain a good population size.

[So you want to make gays and lesbians produce children?]

I do not want to see more shoebox apartments and congested public housing, even though Singapore is land-scarce. Architects should be creative to maximise land use and ensure the right housing proximity, not like in Hong Kong.

[Hmmm... maybe you should rethink your gay marriage ban. Firstly, a good size population will require more apartments, and second, some of the best creative architects are gay. But if you ban gay marriage, they may not be here to apply their creative solutions to housing.]

I do not want to see a lack of social etiquette in public places, such as on public transport. It is rude, for instance, to use electronic gadgets so openly here, compared to Japan and in Europe.

[Ya! much better if they use it furtively. You know, like terrorists.]

I do not want to see more "Fine" signage. There should be a balance between legal and social discipline. Indeed, Singapore is an orderly society where most citizens are law-abiding.

[Of course, no need "fine" signage. You should have spanked the anti-socialness out of them!]

I do not want fast-food outlets to outgrow the traditional food court or hawker centre. Although Singapore has a busy workforce, it is equally important that health comes first.

I do not want any overuse of robots or productivity gadgets to the extent of replacing customer service personnel. We should continue to upkeep the Singapore spirit and show the world what is uniquely Singapore through our people.

[er... that we are uniquely technophobic? You do realise that many of our customer service personnel over the phone are in India?]

I do not want to see a place where one could only survive or succeed with academic achievements and wealth. There should be space for people with skills and who are hardworking enough to make one's day worthwhile.

[My suggestion is that on Dec 31 2031, if you are still alive, you should poke out your eyes. This will guaranteed that you will not see all those things you don't want to see.

People have a vision for the future. Only a "unique Singaporean" can turn his complaints into a non-vision. Bravo! you have managed to set a new low for what is often criticised as Singapore's lack of vision.]

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