Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Comment thread on The Jakara Post (name of Frigate)

Maybe Indonesia will start telling Singapore what to name its vessels, streets, and buildings as well. Let's start with Raffles. This 19th century terrorist massacred so many Indonesian civilians, not to mention he burned down and looted the Yogyakarta royal palace in 1812.

When will Singapore change all the streets, places, buildings, and hotels named after this murderer? These Singaporeans are so insensitive to celebrate such a terrorist who has hurt so many Indonesians! In other words Singapore is condoning murder of civilians and looting!

Obviously Singapore does not care about Indonesia's sensitivities, why should Indonesia cares about whatever fake sensitivity being whipped-up by the Spore regime stooges? We know the low level of their maturity from their comical expectation that they can tell Indonesia what to name our own vessels.

No wonder, currently Singapore is under the omnipotent rule of LKY who worked for the Japanese in massacring and cutting off the heads of so many Singaporean Chinese youth. Now the younger Singaporean generation is poisoned with diatrabes against its neighbours by the Spore regime stooges and its propaganda mouthpiece. Such immature hypocrites these people are. They are so insecure about what Indonesian named its vessels LOL.

Wow. the number of people protesting Singapore honouring Raffles is... what? 3 paranoids? 30? 300? Their protest is overwhelming. Your ministers should raise this with Singapore.

Let's take another tack. Let's say everything you say about Raffles is correct. I believe you about what he did to Indonesia. Those British Imperialists are the WORST. 

Except when they are not.

They are so ARROGANT. But they also have their positive aspects.

But we are here today to Bury Raffles, not to praise him.

Unfortunately, Raffles did many things. "Terrorism" (as you called it) in Indonesia, was only one of it. He was also known for other things. Like Inventing the Internet. And movable type. And the Atom Bomb (citation needed). Oh yes, and this little thing called the Founding of Singapore. Which is really stupid, because the island was always there. It was not lost, so why did he have to "found" it. And apparently the present tense of "founding" is not "find". It is still "found". Stupid British and their stupid language.

So when we name buildings and places and even erect a statue of Raffles, we (in Singapore) remember him for the Founding of Singapore. Not for the atrocities committed by him in Indonesia.

In the case of Usman and Harun, they were unfortunately solely famous for their act of terrorism. Now Indonesia can say that it is not honouring U&H for their terrorism, but for their Obedience (for example). So how was this "obedience" demonstrated? They obeyed their orders to bomb Singapore.

Or maybe they are being honoured for being professional soldiers? And how was this demonstrated? Bombing civilians in Singapore?

Or maybe they are being honoured for the sacrifice of their lives? Again, how did they sacrifice their lives? Executed? For bombing civilians, committing murder in Singapore? 

Now if U&H are the best trainees and were the fastest runners during boot camp and they are famous for that, and you want to name a ship after them for that, please explain this to Singaporeans so we can understand that naming the ship after them is for being best trainees in boot camp, and not to remember a time when Indonesia was exporting terrorism, instead of being a victim of terrorism; not to remember a time when Indonesia was an enemy and not a friend; not to remember a time when Indonesia freely ordered their soldiers to target civilians.

However, if U&H are being honoured for what they did in Singapore in 1965, then you will be reminding Singapore of a time when Indonesia was an enemy. And we would like to know why? And without a satisfactory answer, we can only guess at Indonesia's intent.

And yes. Do raise the Raffles issue with your ministers. And they can raise it with our ministers. And we will accord it the same level of concern as Indonesia has accorded our concerns.

Err.. Why exactly do we need to explain naming of our own ships to some foreigner? 'Consulting' with foreigner over ship names is definately not international norm and never happened before in human history. Indonesia don't intend to be the first. In naming our own ships, we do as we please as it is our sovereign right. Sporeans need to deal with their hysterical insecurity over other countries' shipnames by themselves, go find a shrink or something.

As for national heroes Usman & Harun, they were very young (Usman was 21 and Harun as 18 when captured), how do you expect them to invent the internet at that age?

And with that last paragraph, you have clearly proven that we are unable to have a discussion.

Let me say that I do respect and appreciate that you are trying to have a debate in what may be a foreign/second language for you. I certainly cannot debate you in Bahasa.

But if we continue in English, it would not be fair to you.

LOL, obviously my English is far superior to yours, GoGoGoh. It is just you are trying to escape since you have no arguments left, correct? Since Indonesia is on the right and Spore is on the wrong on this issue.

Of course, you are right. You should not waste any more time with me. Go back to inventing the internet.

(sorry. couldn't help myself.)

Haha.. No worries, don't forget to ask if you need some tips on learning the English language.

[I do not know if purnomor (pronounced Pure No More?) is playing along or truly confused, but if he was trying to be humourous, he failed. Or rather he scored own goal. But I thought this was funny.]

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