Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cheaper to help families hire home care, helpers




I was surprised at the report “MOH may run its own nursing homes” (Aug 1). In view of our ageing population, are we promoting the easy way out; that is, putting our sick and aged in these nursing homes?

We should be encouraging families to care for the sick and aged via more subsidies for employing domestic helpers and for home care by doctors and nurses, as well as more tax reliefs.

The ministry should train more home-care specialists and have more day rehabilitation centres instead. There would surely be more savings in all these than in building more nursing homes with the subsequent operating costs.

Based on my experience with my late father, putting him in a nursing home three years ago was more expensive than engaging a helper. Giving our loved ones home care is also something they need during their final journey and what I call filial piety.

The ministry could perhaps have a rethink.

[According to this writer, filial piety is getting a foreign maid to care for your dying father. And cheaper than a nursing home!

I am not going to be too hard on him. End of life care is not an easy issue. I do not blame him for getting a maid instead of choosing a nursing home. Cost is of course a consideration. And most people would rather die at home. 

BUT a nursing home is NOT a hospice. 

And while we still have access to cheap foreign maids, sure, let's consider that option. 

But "Home Care Specialists"? WTF is that and who is going to do that? "Day Rehabilitation Centres"? How the hell are those even relevant?]

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