Thursday, June 18, 2015

Smaller homes, smaller families

So Straits Times have started to highlight stupid letters to the press for comments. They are obviously trouble-makers.

Jun 18, 2015

THE latest property trend of buying smaller-sized private property will take a toll on population planning in the years to come ("HDB upgraders buying 'smaller private homes'"; last Saturday).

My concern for those who are buying homes of a smaller size is: Will these be beneficial to those aiming to start a family?

This is not a good societal decision, as there will be no space for children to be raised in such confined spaces.

[Battery Children? If it's good enough for chickens, it's good enough for children?]

Such property trends could potentially have repercussions on our birth rate.

[New Scientific Study finds, buying small private property results in small privates! Birth rate affected!]

Jeremy Cheong Weng Kee

And it attracted this comment:
Will it be beneficial to those who want to start a family? Of course not! If you buy property, you can't afford children!
But if you don't buy property, then property agents cannot make money, and then they cannot feed their families (children included). Or if they don't have children, then they won't start a family because they can't afford it! Or if they are not even married, then they won't get married, cos they can't afford to get married!

How? What to do?

Kek sim ah!

Aiyah! Buy also no good. Don't buy also no good.

But it's good that we have writers like this to the press with a laser-focus on just ONE FACTOR which they think will solve the problem. They show us all that Ministers are a waste of our money. We just need single-minded people like the writer to make policy.

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