Friday, February 16, 2018

Hai Di Lao closed due to hygiene lapses. Singaporeans (some) lose their shit.

[One restaurant suspended for hygiene lapses. At least two Singaporeans suffer a lapse in common sense.]

Food outlets under suspension should be upfront about why they are closed 

Popular spicy hot pot chain Hai Di Lao's flagship branch at Clarke Quay has had its licence suspended for two weeks for hygiene lapses, according to a suspension notice issued by the National Environment Agency (NEA) on Monday (Feb 12).

By Tay Yong Hong

14 February, 2018

I refer to the report, “Hai Di Lao’s Clarke Quay outlet gets 2 weeks’ suspension for hygiene lapses” (Feb 13).

While I feel sorry reading that this popular Chinese restaurant is suspended during this peak festive period due to unhygienic handling of food, I think they are misleading customers by posting signs at the shop saying that they are undergoing renovation, even if that is true.

I hope the authorities will require companies that are suspended to be more upfront to their customers on why they have to close temporarily.

[Comment on FB:
I like Singaporeans. They are so naive. So gullible. So unsuited to make it anywhere else in the world.

I like that they are shocked, SHOCKED, to find out that businesses will lie to save face.
I find it incredibly refreshing that they think that the authorities have to go around ensuring moral behaviour (like not lying).
Oh wait. 
Not ALL Singaporeans.

Just those whose letters Today and maybe The Straits Times will print.

I think they are also amused by naifs.
So somebody asked, "What's wrong with trying to get people to do the right thing?" 

Outside of any other context, nothing. As an ideal, I think people should be honest, and businesses should be honest.

But Singapore and Singaporeans DO NOT RULE the World. So that means that we can create a VERY SAFE Sandbox in Singapore, and Singaporeans will be COMPLETELY UNSUITED to exist outside of Singapore. That is why Singapore Businesses are wary of expanding overseas. Singapore is one the easiest place in the world to start a business. That means it is harder anywhere else. That means if you've made it in Singapore... you've made it in Singapore. Your experience of starting a business in Singapore does not necessarily prepare you for starting a business elsewhere.

In fact, the expectations that you might have developed in Singapore might handicap you in other countries, where the environment may not be as "friendly". 

So if you expect businesses in SG to be honest, you might well be shocked and confused in other countries. If businesses in SG are honest, you can believe EVERYTHING you read in their brochures and advertisements. 

And you will be ill-prepared for the world, the Internet, fake news, and real life.]

Passageway for crowds at Hai Di Lao outlet too narrow?  

The letter writer says that the passageways at Hai Di Lao’s other outlet at 313 Somerset is a potential safety hazard as its too crowded with very little space for more than three persons to walk down the aisles under normal conditions. 

By Jeremy Cheong Weng Kee

14 February, 2018

I am shocked by the news in the report, “Hai Di Lao’s Clarke Quay outlet gets 2 weeks’ suspension for hygiene lapses” (Feb 13). If one outlet has been investigated and suspended, what about the other branches?

After my dining experience at Hai Di Lao’s outlet in 313 Somerset last month, I feel that the authorities should also do a check there, because the passageways are too crowded due to high human traffic and this could be a safety hazard should there be an emergency. There is very little space for more than three persons to walk down the aisles under normal conditions.

[Comment on FB:
I agree! if the writer is going to be FORCED to eat at Haidilao, then the least he should expect is that the restaurants cater to people of his girth who might need more space when escaping from emergencies such as fire... or from paying the bill. It's very hard to escape when the shocking bill comes and the passageway is so narrow. 
[So not more than three persons can walk abreast? And that is narrow? 

MY GAWD! We will have to sue HDB for building such narrow corridors!

When I go to Mustafa or Sheng Siong, I am prepared mentally. I know what to expect. When I want more space, I go to Cold Storage. When I want lower prices, and good Asian products, I go to NTUC. And prepare myself to squeeze in narrow aisles (some are better than others).

No one is forcing you to eat at HaiDiLao, if they cannot accommodate your fat arse.

The best part? After they widen the passageway, Jeremy will probably complain that the tables inside are placed too close together. Or that the prices have gone up (because you have to pay for the corridor space in some way).]

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